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Leather repair kits - Repair a single scratch to a full restoration.

Leather repair kits - Repair a single scratch to a full restoration.

Buffalo repair kits for leather sofas or car seats and interiors, it offers the complete solution so that you can professionally repair superficial leather damage, or restore tired worn leather without calling in the professionals.

Each kit description will describe its suitability of leather types and size of area that it can restore or repair.

Before and after photographs demonstrate a range of leather repairs within our product descriptions. 

We don't just sell these products ... Buffalo and our trade customers use these products on a daily basis to restore and repair leather to a very high standard.

  • Scuffs
  • Scratches
  • Holes, rips
  • Burns
  • Pet damage
  • Surface cracks
  • Worn leather


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Leather Repair Touch Up Kit - For Furniture & Car Seats
The leather repair touch up kit provides all the professional products you require for a variety of easy repairs on small areas such as: Rips and Tears Scuffs and Scratches Surface Burns Superficial Pet Damage Small Areas Of Worn Leather Superficial Pet Damage such as cat plucks Repair small areas of surface damage using professional leather repair pr..
Leather Repair & Colour Restoration Kit - Whole Chairs, Suites or Car Seats
As used by the professionals for restoring larger furniture items or car seats. Save a fortune on calling in the professionals ... Amazing results, simple process, long term durability. AVAILABLE IN 3 SIZES   Repairs: Scuffs & Scratches Scrapes Surface Burns Superficial Pet Damage Rips Holes Cracked Leather Surfaces Larger Ar..
Leather Steering Wheel Restoration & Recolouring Kit
A leather steering wheel often loses the original beauty & colour. This is due to constant use, dirt penetration, & sun damage. Avoid a costly replacement by restoring the leather surface to the original showroom condition. The kit is very simple for the amateur to use - Producing very professional results ! Kit Contents: 30ml Solvent Cleaner - Degreases & prepares..
Chesterfield Colour Restoration Kit
RESTORES A STANDARD 3PC CHESTERFIELD SUITE THE KIT TRANSFORMS: The traditional chesterfield colour Faded areas Worn surfaces Scuffs, cracks & scratches Rips up to approx 3 inches Cat or pet damage Re-colours stains The procedure is simple ... The results are amazing This kit saves you a fortune on calling in the professionals. ..
Chesterfield Antiqueing Spray
This handy aerosol restores the faded darker top colour on your chesterfield quickly and easily transforming the appearance of the leather without the need of spray equipment or a full kit normally needed to restore a suite. Suitable For: Traditional chesterfield leather. Chesterfield leather has a coloured base such as red, green or brown. A translucent black antiquing colour is spraye..
Chestnut Brown Instant Leather Colour - Aerosol
A handy aerosol for restoring faded areas on two tone brown leather. This product is for antiqued or two tone leather surfaces that lose their darker top colour revealing faded patches on the surface. Our coloured coatings spray an application of instant colour which is impossible to recreate by hand. The aerosol application applies a fine mist of translucent colour so that ..
Top Up Leather Repair Colours
Leather Repair Colour Pack A kit is required to use these colours. Instructions are not included. BUFFALO has now introduced top up leather repair pigment colour packs to save you money. Many of our customers have more than one leather suite or may also have a leather car interior. Simply add an extra colour pack into your kit. The pack contains 4 varying shades of your colour ch..
Ink & Stain Remover Kit for Leather
Free Power Pad with this kit The most effective stain removing kit on the market, save a fortune on calling in the professionals Effective Removal Of: Biro Felt Tip Sticky Stuff Emulsion Paint Blood Red Wine Dye Transfer from clothing on to the leather surface Kit Contents 100ml Leather Cleaner 100ml Leather Conditioner ..
Leather Repair Protector
Maximum protection for all leather repairs & restoration. Prevents discolouration Protects against stains Provides water repellent surface Prevents the repair from ageing When you have taken the time & care to restore or repair your leather, it is of utmost importance that these areas remain protected to ensure your restored leather does not begin to age ..
Leather Filler Paste
To be used & applied as an optional extra to an existing leather repair kit. The leather filler paste is a white compound that can be air or heat dried by using a hairdryer, it requires re-colouring with a leather repair pigment after its application. The leather filler remains flexible, durable & natural to the existing leather surface. Repairs: Very deep scratches ..
Leather Filler Gel / Leather Grain Replicator
To be used & applied as an optional extra to an existing leather repair kit. The leather filler gel is clear flexible filler that can be air or heat dried & may require re-colouring with a leather repair pigment after its application. The leather filler remains flexible, durable & natural to the existing leather surface. REPAIRS: Fills out scratches & deep scuffs ..
Aerosol - Solvent Clear Leather Sealant - 3 Sheens available
Instant sheen & protection for your leather. 3 sheens available. Leather (lacquer) sealant is applied at the tannery to protect the coloured surface of the leather. Standard furniture leather & Auto leather loses its protective sealant over time from continuous friction caused by usage, when the sealant wears off the leather colours begins to wear off. If your leather colour ..
Badger Airbrush
Suitable For: Leather repairs & restoration Application of leather repair pigment colours and liquid leather sealants Description: An absolute must for blending leather repairs and restoration, this clever little tool applies a direct fine spray of leather repair colour on to the surface enabling seamless blending in of leather repairs and restoration over much larger areas. ..
Badger Air Propellant 500ml
Description: 500ml size: Required as an air power supply to the Badger 250 Airbrush Ideal for air supply for those who do not have a small compressor, one off leather repairs, or ideal for compact spaces or where noise reduction is required. ..
Pack of 4 Pigment Filters
PACK OF 4 PIGMENT FILTERS Leather repair pigment filters - strains and removes residues from pigments prior to application by spray gun or airbrush. The fine micron filter is an absolute must if you are to apply your leather repair pigment by airbrush, the pigment simply pours through the filter to remove any residues that may block your spray nozzle. ..